What is Learnics?

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Learnics is a Google Chrome extension which enables teachers as a part of a lesson or individual learners on their own the power to capture and submit a record of their online learning as part of any online learning assignment in any content area. This is accomplished in one of two ways: 

  • Learnics
    • Free to use for all! 
    • Individual use and either self, parent, or teacher directed.
  • Learnics Classroom Pro
    • Paid feature designed for use within learning institutions. 
    • Classroom use- Google Classroom integration, create assignments, control parameters.

I. Learnics

Using Learnics, learners have the ability to capture and track all sites visited when completing an online assignment, generate a bibliography, and have access to a snapshot of activity to show their work. This helps prove the product is not only their own, but supports the idea that the research process was of equal importance. With Learnics, an individual can: 

  • Track online activity and create annotations when conducting research using Chrome for any content area and includes:
    • Sites visited, duration at each site, dates and times of the research, and overall time on task.
  • Generate a related bibliography in APA, MLA, or Chicago formats to use within the completed work. 
  • Include a PNG representation of each session in the completed product, supporting overall project fidelity.

Learnics Use-cases for Parents & Teachers:

  • Parents can use Learnics at home to assist in ensuring web based activities for school or other endeavors are completed in a timely manner and with graphical representation of their online work.
  • Teachers can use Learnics in their classrooms, directing students to provide an exit ticket after a research focused or lab classroom session, as positive behavior reinforcement in younger learners for online activity tracking, or as a way for learners to represent their online behavior in a simple way, and to help promote and monitor grow towards attaining model practices over time. 
  • Both Parents and Teachers can use Learnics to assist in overall metacognition of how Learners truly spend their time online for any reason. 

II. Learnics Classroom Pro

In addition to the Learnics Chrome extension tools reviewed above, teachers can have a wide array capabilities when combined with Learnics Classroom Pro, which is a pay service available for any learning environment. 

  • Teachers can assess how students conduct online research while students are actively working, identify students in need of support, and improve lesson design. 
  • Students are able to generate and edit a bibliography based upon the sites they visited and reflect upon their research approach. 
  • Learnics Classroom Pro allows teachers to support students during any research assignment, making the process as important as the final product. 
  • Create Google Classroom assignments, assign to classes, and analyze classroom results with ease. 
  • Maintain records over time to monitor growth for individual learners and/or entire classrooms.
  • Leverage the sidebar to annotate websites to assist in overall lesson creation and help direct learners.

The goals of Learnics are to support, improve, and transform the work students complete throughout any online learning experience and provide teachers with a channel to monitor learner research in real-time.

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